Garmaine Staff asked 3 years ago

Suppose you have a space rocket which when launching from Earth its speed relatively to Earth it's 11 km/s. For what I've read in another topic in Space SE, the orbital velocity of the planet where a space rocket launchs plays a role in how long the travel to another solar system object will take. So in one hand Earth's orbital velocity faster than Ceres' would play a role to make a space rocket launching from Earth faster relatively to the sun than one launching from Ceres I suppose, but in other hand, Ceres 0.029 g gravity should make that space rocket launching from Ceres faster I suppose, since the force of the space rocket thrust would be counteracted less by the lower gravity force of the planet.

Would a space rocket launching from a low gravity Ceres in a path to Jupiter, be faster or slower relatively to the sun than one launching from Earth? Is it possible to calculate its speed relatively to the sun when launching from Ceres, for the same rocket with a speed capacity of 11 km/s relatively to Earth when launching from Earth?