Garmaine Staff asked 2 years ago

While I was creating a greasemonkey script I encountered the weirdest thing ever. My script creates a button in a page that opens another tab in the browser with a (composed by the script) URL. A common task as far as I know.

Here's an example of a composed URL by the script.

While I was experiment with the code, the script created another URL that looks identical, yet the site redirects to its homepage.

So, the TOP URL opens the correct/expected page and the BOTTOM (identical as you can see) goes to the "home" page. You can click the links and see for yourself.

Why is that? Any ideas?

What I did so far: I saved them separately as .txt and I checked with a hex editor and are still looking identical. BUT when I used a "compare" tool it shows differences in the 1337x part of the URL without stating what's the difference. (Initially I thought the problem was in the + sign)