Garmaine Staff asked 2 years ago

I have a stereo / projector hooked up in my garage. There seems to be micro surges sporadically, I used to think, since it happened(much less frequently) in my old house that it was whenever the deep freeze kicked in, because I would hear it click like the pumps were kicking in at the same time as the projector would cut out. But I unplugged it and the issue is still happening. I have either a computer or a ps4 feeding signal into my Sony DN1050 amp, and from there there are 2 hdmi going to a tv and to the projector. Every 10-15 min now, the signal cuts out to the tv and projector. They go blank for about 5 seconds, then come back on normal. Its just the signal not the power that cuts out. It also seems to make a sound in my deep freeze that is on a completely different outlet, and obviously not connected. Wondering if the amp is sending a surge through the house power lines or something. Not sure how to proceed.