Garmaine Staff asked 2 years ago

I live in Southwest Florida, and we have well water. I am in the process of redoing our whole well input plumbing setup and wondering about the best materials to use.

This is what I'm proposing as a flow/materials:

  1. The well pump pumps up water in a PVC pipe, which right past above ground transitions to a steel pipe. (Currently setup from the old system)
  2. This steel pipe goes into a steel Tee that has one side go to PVC for a sprinkler system, and the other side of the Tee goes into the ground utilizing metal, and once underground transitions to PVC. (Currently setup from the old system)
  3. That PVC runs about 4' to a Well Shed, where it pops back out of ground utilizing steel, and goes into the shed.
  4. Once in the shed there is a pressure tank, pressure switch, sediment filter, iron eater, and kinetico softener. All of these I'm imagining connected with PVC.
  5. The ~115' run to the house is done in Endopure Poly tubing.
  6. This transitions to steel to feed into the house above ground.

My questions (For all of these I'm looking for the best answer from a lasting / maintenance standpoint. I don't mind if its a little bit more expensive):

  1. Do you think I should replace any of the materials being used in steps 1-2?
  2. Are there any materials besides PVC that you'd recommend I use for step #4? Everyone around here seems to use PVC, but it seems like PEX might be easier to work with and might last longer. I do have this in a shed, so it should mostly be shielded from UV.
  3. Is something like Endopure the right / best thing to use for step #5? Most people I know use SCH 40 PVC for this; but it seems like poly is supposed to be more durable / better.
  4. Anything else you'd change / recommend from a materials setup?

Thanks for your feedback!