Garmaine Staff asked 2 years ago

I live in Southwest Florida, and we have well water. I am in the process of replacing / moving a lot of our well water stuff and this has brought up a lot of questions as to why things are the way they currently are; and if I need to mimic that in my new setup.

Currently, our setup looks like the following:

  1. The well pump pumps up water in a 1 1/4 PVC pipe, which right past above ground transitions to a 1 1/4 steel pipe.
  2. This steel pipe goes into a metal Tee that has a 1 1/4 go to PVC for a sprinkler system, and the other side of the Tee reduces to 1", elbows into the ground; and once underground is 1" PVC.
  3. The 1" PVC runs about 120' underground where it then hits a 90 and reduces to 3/4 copper.
  4. The 3/4" copper then runs to the following in order a 30 gallon pressure tank, 30/50 pressure switch, aerator, a 30 gallon pressure tank, 30/50 pressure switch; and feeds into the house. The house input is one 3/4 copper; and all of these connections are in 3/4 copper.

My big question is if there is any strategy / design considerations as to how and where these reduce sizes when and where they reduce sizes, or if I end up at 3/4" eventually are there reasons I should or shouldn't reduce to that size earlier?

Specifically, I'm looking to transition everything over to a concrete slab that is next to the well, replacing the aerator with a 5600sxt Iron Eater, and putting in a Kinetico softener.

With that setup the flow will be: Well Pump -> (2' Connector to Well Shed) -> 86 Gallon Pressure Tank -> 40/60 Pressure Switch -> Sediment Filter -> Iron Eater -> Kinetico Softener -> (115' Connector to the House)

Here are my specific questions:

  1. From step #2 of the original setup is there any reason to keep the pipe at 1 1/4 until it gets through the pressure tank? The Iron Eater only supports 1" input so it will have to reduce at some point anyway.
  2. From step #3 from the original setup (But now a 115' run); is there any reason to keep 1" pipe all the way to the house, or should I transition to 3/4 before I do that run? It seems transitioning to 3/4 would be easier / better; but I don't understand why its the way it is.