Garmaine Staff asked 3 years ago

I want to do floor tiles for the shower and it must be curbless. It is the basement and has concrete foundation.

Right now the drain I bought is sticking up 3" from the concrete floor:

enter image description here

This is the model I bought:

Oatey PVC Shower Drain with Square 4-3/16 in. Stainless Steel Strainer

enter image description here

So my question is: How to lower the drain height for curbless shower?

If the shower flooring has curb then it is flexible because I can raise the base. But in this case I don't want to raise the whole floor.

I am thinking of these options:

  1. Break the concrete entirely around the drain and change a new drain that is lower.

  2. Cut the top part of the drain pipe by 1.5" and also 1.5" of the drain piece. That will make the whole thing near flush to the concrete foundation. But the problem is (I faced in the past) that the pipe is in this shape:

/ \

Meaning the top doesn't have same diameter from the diameter 1.5" away. So in this case: How to join the 2 pieces together?

Also I am thinking that I have to carve off about 1.5" off around the shower base anyways, according to this video:

If that is the case, look like this will be some concrete mess job. Then I mean leaning toward Option 1 above.



I planned to get this drain kit

Basically the setup will look like this

enter image description here

The kit itself will add at least 3" on top of the pipe. So to be safe I am thinking about pushing the drain pipe down 4".

Then I also need to grind and take out 3" of concrete in the shower base.

Does it sound about right? It is a messy job but could be done in one day with concrete tool rental from Home Improvement store…