Garmaine Staff asked 2 years ago

Can I use sewing machine oil instead of silicon base spray in my window rubber channel to remove the friction? What are the chances that it might damage the rubber?


I have a slow window problem at the driver side in my 2008 Honda Civic. I recently got it fixed by a local mechanic(not a certified one). He took apart the door cover, removed the mirror and the scissor railing and the rubber channel. He cleaned the scissor railing which was all dusty, washed the rubber channel, oiled the rubber channel with some oil (which I believe was some engine oil bcz, it was thick and dark) and fixed the window back.

I experienced a little improvement. But after a week, the same stickiness is back. Now what I believe is that the oil that provided lubrication has dried up and caught the dust which is now causing more friction.

After some googling, I found that a silicon base spray can help reducing the rubber friction and smooth the window. But as a quick fix, can I use sewing machine oil.