Garmaine Staff asked 2 years ago

I'll try and make it short. My spouse will be arriving at an airport in Germany from a Non-EU country outside Europe and she will need documents, which I have in original, in order to pass, given COVID-19 restrictions. Normally she would enter on a 90 days tourist visa, as we don't yet have a long term family reunification visa.

How can I reach the border control at the airport, in order to hand her/help her at the border, with the required document in original, in order for her to be allowed to enter as my spouse? Documents would be our marriage certificate and proof of my residency in Germany, I am a EU citizen living in Germany and my spouse is moving in with me, so we will then further proceed in Germany for a long term visa for her.


  1. No, we did not plan for things to happen like this. We planned for me to go to her and then come back together. COVID-19 really messed things up.
  2. I did think I could send the documents to her by post, but that feels extremely ridiculous given that I can wait for her with the documents at the airport + It would be very very concerning, if the originals get lost in the post, given the chaos caused by COVID, as her country is on the other side of the world from Germany.

Edit – Appreciate all the answers.

I've reached out to the relevant Bundespolizei and their answers are very cautious in this new world. I've sent out via 3 separate e-mails and received more ore less the following answer back from all 3: "without a residence permit, third-country nationals are not allowed to enter the country for the next thirty days. To what extent an exception is possible in your situation cannot be answered at the moment. In the course of your personal responsibility you/your wife should generally refrain from travelling!" So they have no clue how to address this. We've sent e-mails to the German embassy as well, to see if we can clarify via themselves, since the BP are asking for a residence permit or some kind of visa, where none should be required in the case of a EU Nationals' wife and which we can really only get in Germany now, since all relevant documents are here with me.