Garmaine Staff asked 3 years ago

I had a water leak from the toilet cistern. The bathroom is tiled and no signs of the leak showed there, however the wall in the bedroom on the other side of the bathroom became wet. Unfortunately this was near a corner cupboard and I didn't notice the leak for a while. The wall ended up showing signs of mould.

The leak is now fixed and the wall dried. As part of my investigations I actually ended up drilling two holes in the wall to try and identify the source of the water.

How can I repair the damage to the wall and doorframe round the cupboard? I'm concerned there may be more hidden damage 'inside' the wall…

Picture attachedenter image description here

I'd like to assess if this is something I can attempt on my own or need to get a professional in – and if so, what skillset said professional would need. Can the doorframe be repaired, or does it need to be replaced. Can you replace only part of a doorframe? Should I also look at replacing the Skirting board? Knowing the drywall has had this damage, should I replace or would simply patching it be adequate