Garmaine Staff asked 2 years ago

I am dealing with how to generate a JSX element inside return of a React component using map. I am trying to make a dynamic form and the source is a given array:

I have two types of forms and the key "tipo" is the condition

Array with data:

let data = [
  { tipo: "input",
    label: "label1",
    name: "name1",
    placeholder: "placeholder1",
    defaultValue: "defaulvalue1",
  { tipo: "datepiker",
    label: "label2",
    name: "name2",
    placeholder: "placeholder2",
    defaultValue: "defaulvalue2",


The default normal code is: ( form type: input).

        <FormItem label="labe1">
          <Input name="name1" placeholder="placeholder1" defaultValue=defaultvalue1 />

In case we have a condition datepike we just replace with:

<DatePicker name="name"  defaultValue={moment("defaultvalue1")} />

Esto es un intento incompleto:

          { => (
            <FormItem label={value.label}>

              *** condition *** if input or datepike



Any idea on how to acomplish this?