Garmaine Staff asked 3 years ago

I have separate tub and shower, and the shower plumbing is in the wall that separates the two, and the tub faucet is on the deck (?) of the fiberglass tub. Master Bath: shower wall I am considering doing away with the tub altogether and turning that space into a walk-in shower (or doing a combo shower/tub, undecided). I can't find any information anywhere on how to turn the shower faucet and handle to the other side (it would be a 180-degree turn as seen from above) or whether that can be done. The wall it is on is about 4.5" wide

I'd really like to keep all the walls and plumbing in place, the size of the tub area is perfect, and the idea is to turn the current shower stall into a built-in linen cupboard or another vanity nook (basic kitchen base and wall cabinets). I'm also not planning to do anything with the double sink vanity that sits across from the tub (updates at a later time).

Master Bath: tub wall To add further explanation of the room, the wall at the other end of the tub is actually an exterior wall, unfortunately. Otherwise, a corner tub would fit perfectly there! Alas, this weird house has a notch in the exterior instead of an easy single corner.

This is supposed to be a diy project. My husband and I just got married, just bought the house, just started brand new jobs, and thankfully don't have to worry about kids just yet. So our savings for stuff like this is quite small, but so is our time (both work 40-60 hours/week). He works with electricity/lighting and I'm in engineering, so our theoretical knowledge is excellent, but actual experience is nil. 🙂

If anyone has any advice or links that could help, I'd really appreciate it!

TLDR: separate tub and shower in master bath. We want to tear out the tub and create a tiled shower in its place, without moving the plumbing.