Garmaine Staff asked 2 years ago

I have a tongue-and-groove laminate floor, laid on 3mm foam underlay on concrete slab. After around 10 years of use, the long edge of one floorboard now drops around 1mm when stepped on. I think there was a slight step or ridge in the concrete slab here, the floorboard was supported by being locked to its neighbour, but now the tongue has snapped off. (Photo below shows pushing down hard on the broken edge.) under load

The floorboard is right in the middle of a large open plan space and lifting the surrounding floor is not really an option. There is also no clearance between the board and its neighbour to insert any tool.

My plan so far is:

  • drill some small holes (say 2mm) through the board close to the sunken edge;
  • insert screws in some of the holes, and turn until the board is lifted level with its neighbour;
  • inject some kind of liquid resin through the other holes using a syringe, and plug the holes with more screws;
  • once resin has set, remove screws and fill the holes with matching filler.

Does this sound like it would work?

What could I use as the liquid? It needs to be very thin, but probably not water-based. I have no experience with resins and no idea what to use.

Thanks in advance.