Garmaine Staff asked 2 years ago

I got this inside my passport on getting back to my country… Its says


I hereby direct you to remove¹/ make arrangements for the removal² of the person named above from the United Kingdom to Nigeria by so so flight connecting to lage..

I hereby inform you that I intend to direct you remove¹ or make arrangements for the remove² of the person named above from the United Kingdom. You will be informed of such directions as soon as possible..

If a decision is taken to cancel these directions/this notice of intention to remov, you will be notified immediately. If no directions have been given by 28 February 2020, the situation will be reviewed. If you contact this office you will be informed of the outcome, and any necessary further review can then be arranged.

I don't understand this view .. Have I been banned from UK? Or what can I do to know my standing?