Garmaine Staff asked 3 years ago

I'm trying to diagnose an air locking problem with a power shower. It's currently fed by 15mm white plastic (type unknown) pipes for both hot and cold. I'd like to replace these with clear rigid pipes so I can "see" if and where air is getting into the plumbing.

The defacto "clear rigid plastic pipe" material seems to be Acrylic (often going by trade name Perspex by online sellers). The most readily available dimensions are 15mm outer diameter x 11mm inner diameter, sold in 300mm lengths (which is adequate for the lengths I need).

What's the maximum temperature and pressure of water such a pipe will take?

My hot water pressure is I'm guessing around 0.3 bar as it's a single-story barn conversion with a header tank. The cold pressure is more of a concern as it's pretty good; I'm guessing around 6 bar.