Garmaine Staff asked 2 years ago

Seeking some advice on installing a sub panel in a detached garage. I have a 200amp main in my house and I plan on installing a 90 amp sub-panel in a detached garage approx. 100FT away from the main panel.

In order to avoid having to run a conduit in the house, I am planning on running 2-2-2-4 SER Aluminum cable from the main panel through a crawlspace into a metal junction box, then transition over to MHF. The MHF wire will run from that junction box through a rigid conduit buried 6” underground directly into the garage panel. Using Rigid over PVC due to the rocky soil making it difficult to dig 18” deep. I plan on installing a grounding rod next the garage which will ground the sub panel. Can I run the wire in this manner or does the rigid conduit need to be bonded back to he main panel?

Would I be better off running MHF the entire way and running it through EMT within the house from the main and transitioning to the Rigid conduit for the underground? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.