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I want to go on a round the world trip for over a year.

  1. I have no friends and no family.
  2. I live and work in Germany.
  3. I rent. During the trip I will cancel the rent.
  4. I do not have my own property / house.
  5. I intend de-registering my address with the German authorities before the trip.

There are 2 problems I am facing.

  1. My bank sends me post mail (snail mail, physical mail) irregularly. Most of the mail I receive electronically but some post still arrives physically. If the bank notices post mail coming back to them, the bank will get suspicious. I do not want to tell the bank that I have no address in Germany as I fear they will close my account. My credit card is linked to the account. I was thinking of getting a prepaid mastercard / visa. Any alternatives?
  2. I have a few valuables (clothes, laptop, books, offical documents), that I do not want to throw away. I know there are long term storage facilities (lockers). Perhaps someone has alternative ideas?