Garmaine Staff asked 3 years ago

The P-trap in our master shower has apparently broken. We were getting a sewer gas smell coming out of it when we used the guest shower so we had a plumber come out and have a look. He did a "smoke test" where they pump some smokey gas in through cleanout and see which P-traps it makes it through. Here is what the master shower looked like:

enter image description here

Kind of cool.

The house is almost 60 years old so it could be due to normal wear and tear. We've also had foundation problems which were corrected but I suppose that could have also contributed.

The plumber told me that fixing the broken P-trap involves removing the shower tiles (at least on the bottom, but I doubt we'd find matching tile so we'd probably have to replace it all), chipping up the foundation to expose the P-trap, replacing it, repouring the foundation, and retiling the shower. All that and more can be mine for the high high price of somewhere between $7,500 and $10,000.

Soooo that's kind of a lot of money. I guess my question is do I have any other cheaper options here? To be clear I'm not questioning whether or not that's a fair price. He's been a good plumber and I'm sure it's a reasonable price for the work. I'm mainly looking for other, inherently less expensive, means of addressing the issue.