Garmaine Staff asked 2 years ago

I am trying to add some light for security and visibility in our backyard that serves as a parking lot. The area where I'd like to install a light fixture is in the back corner of our yard opposite of our home. This means I'll need a post of some kind to attach it to. From what I can see these types of lights are meant to attach to a junction box that is on some outside wall of a home. I can't seem to find pole mount options for this type of motion sensor activated security light:

enter image description here

Can anyone enlighten me on how to attach this to a pole? I was hoping to avoid installing a very wide diameter wooden pole where I could run PVC conduit along the side to an exterior grade conduit junction box attached toward the top of the pole. Namely, because that starts to look unsightly. I'm looking for something that floods the area with light but also isn't an eyesore.