Garmaine Staff asked 2 years ago

I am a total noob when it comes to electricity and find this questions hard to search answers for on the internet. I have the below setup:

  • Dell screen 1.5a * 230v = 345w
  • Dell screen 1.5a * 230v = 345w
  • Samsung screen 1a * 230v = 230w
  • Samsung screen 1a * 230v = 230w
  • BASF stereo amp 200w (8-16 ohm, does this matter ?)
  • WD Elements 0.6a * 230v = 138w
  • YANEC laptop charger output 90w, input unspecified (il assume input of 50w)

sum all = 1578w

all connected to Konig power strip with max 3680W max 13500a surge protection (it has this small extra button which is the surge protection)

I am in Belgium hence the 230v.

I used to have a similar setup with another screen and my desktop pc also connected to the power strip. One day the power strip made a poof sound when I switched it on and stopped working for a while, all appliances where fine except for the computers PSU which was fried.

My little knowledge of electricity tells me that I just have to compare the wattage. So in this case 1578w < 3680w so I should be safe. But someone told me that the appliances will draw more at the moment my power strip is turned on. This would explain also how I fried my PSU.

So my question to you guys: can I safely switch my power strip on and off too effectively use it as an on/off switch for all appliances at the same time? Or will I fry one of them at some point?

Also, yes, I am aware that I could have avoided destroying my PSU if I had done this research earlier.