Garmaine Staff asked 3 years ago

After fixing some water damage in our upstairs bathroom I decided to install a stand up shower. I've installed it and now I'm adding in patches of drywall around the shower and I noticed one of the back corners is about a 1/4 inch out from the studs the shower is supposed to be mounted to. The other back corner and the two front walls are attached directly to the stud.

My question: How would I fix this issue so the drywall in that area doesn't look noticeably crooked/there's a little "ledge" between the new drywall patch and the existing drywall?

Pictures to follow.Full Front Face

Full Side Shot

No Gap Picture

Gap Picture

Edit 1: My two leading ideas for repairs are 1) Carve the bottom edge of my drywall patch to fit around this gap or 2) Since this mold resistant drywall it's wrapped on the front, I thought I could cut a gap into the back and use hanging piece of drywall still attached in the front to attach to the shower.

A third idea would be much more intensive but might look the best, would be to put some kind of molding around the shower edges themselves, then drywall directly to the studs on top of that molding.

Any help is appreciated.