Garmaine Staff asked 3 years ago

This weekend, the door of our oven (a gas oven, FWIW) fell apart. The bottom of the outer part of the door was glued to its hinges and somehow lost cohesion. The top is connected to the inner part of the door with screws. Furthermore the inner part has a glas window which fell off a long time ago and just dangled between the parts of the door basically forever (we took over the oven from the previous tenants) but it seems to have been glued to the door in the past.

Basically, it seems to me as if I would be able to fix it. First glue the window to the inner door and then apply glue to the hinges, mount everything with vises and then let the glue harden. Anyway, I'd like to know

  • whether it's really as simple as I imagined
  • whether there are any caveats I have to be careful about and
  • which glue I'd have to use if I decided to do it, normal household-glue would not be suitable I'd guess

(I can add a photo of the door later, maybe this evening.)