Garmaine Staff asked 2 years ago

I need some advice that I'm having problems finding any conclusive answers for.

We are moving an electric water heater that is on a 20amp circuit outdoors (we live in South Florida)

I plan on running 10/2 UF cable from the box, under the house about 30ft in a dry crawl space. Then exit and go up 8ft to the water heater.

The water heater will go into a galvanized steel enclosure against the house.

My issues is that I would like to protect the UF cable from where it exits the crawl space to where it enters the water heater enclosure. About 8ft (2ft from inside the crawlspace 6ft up to the top of the water heater enclosure). I believe 8" of protection is required by code anyways to protect against vermits and weed wackers…

I know UF CAN be ran through conduit, but I'm having a hard time determining the correct size and determining the easiest/best conduit to use…

Does anyone have any suggestions or see an flaws in this plan? Any help is greatly appreciated.