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Coronavirus (COVID-19) is causing a lot of panic the world over. Most people in developing countries are panicking because there are not proper test kids to determine whether one has the virus or not. You have been consulted to develop a program that could be used as a first step in determining the likelihood that one has it or not so that persons could then be referred to the testing center to be tested. Your task is to:
a. Write a program that request for
1. A person’s age 2. Temperature
3. Dry cough 4. Sneezing
5. Running nose b. Your program should refer to the testing center when: 1. Temperature >38oC and Sneezing, Running nose, Dry cough all respond to yes
2. Or Temperature >38oC and any tow from “a 3 – 5” above all respond to yes
3. Otherwise your program shouldn’t refer to the testing center.