Garmaine Staff asked 2 years ago

I want to do a multi day cycle tour in Germany, but campsites are closed.

According to the interior ministry (Coronavirus: Fragen und Antworten)

Der Aufenthalt im öffentlichen Raum ist nur alleine … gestattet." (I can go into public places on my own).

2 questions

  1. Can I do a multi-day cycle tour? Mainly in the Saarland and Rheinland-Pfalz. Perhaps also Hessen.
  2. Can I camp in public spaces?

The questions are in the context of the Corona virus. In previous years in summer I have seen people camp out in the open along various rivers (Mosel, Rhine, Saale, Fulda). Myself I have camped in the open in the Blackforest, Erzgebirge and various other parts of Germany. But there was no Corona virus. I do not want to know if stealth / wild camping is allowed in normal times.

I am also worried that with a touring bicycle (bags on rear and front racks), the authorities will immediately see that I am doing a tourist activity and not simply going to work.

(I am already legally in Germany.)