Garmaine Staff asked 3 years ago

my engine gave out and dealer replaced it. Is it possible for 2008 engine to be put in a 2009 Liberty?

I did my oil change now, and the oil filter for 2009 Jeep Liberty did not fit. The filter was Mopar 4781452BB which are used for 2008 Liberty (I think fits 2002-08 models). The reason I'm asking is I have a kick/knock when driving around 50mph in a slight incline or having slight acceleration at that speed. When I checked with my local mechanic, he said this might be due to ignition coil/cable problem (seems it hasn't been replaced along with the engine) or fuel related. He asked me to use a cleaner and it didnt rectify it.

I checked in Mopar site and the ignition coil for 2008 & 2009 are different. Before I go the dealer, I want to be sure. The dealer rep wont even get up unless I consent to a $140 diagnostic charge for anything/everything. For ex, when I first went to the dealer abt the kick/knock, his response was "there is no way an engine can make noise, it has to be your transmission. It will be a $140 to check and leave the vehicle we will check in 3 days". Thats I went to the mechanic